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Diaper Depot Changing Stations

Diaper Depot Changing Stations. Attractive. Durable. Safe. Affordable. These are the qualities that best describe the original Diaper-Depot®. That's why retailers, property owners, facility managers and architects are repeatedly specifying our diaper changing station for new and retrofit construction. Only the Diaper-Depot combines durability with long lasting good looks to provide one of the neatest appearances of any unit in the industry.




Diaper Depot® Horizontal
Changing Station
Diaper Depot Horizontal Changing Station

Diaper Depot® Oval
Changing Station

Diaper Depot Oval Changing Station

Diaper Depot® Vertical
Changing Station
Diaper Depot Vertical Changing Station

How to Use A Diaper Changing Station

Most public restrooms are now equipped with a diaper changing station. Using a diaper changing station is easy and convenient, in fact business owners install changing stations for your convenience. Business owners know you will stay in their business longer if they provide a safe and convenient way of changing your baby's diaper.

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Diaper Changing Station

This unit combines innovative design with a large, concave bed (32 1/2" x 18 1/2"), with an overall dimension of 36" x 20 2/3", making this diaper changing station perfect for any restroom. When not in use, the closed unit protrudes only 4 inches in compliance with ADA 4.4.1. Protruding Objects when installed to the manufacturer's specifications.

Diaper Changing Station

Large concave bed for added safety and comfort. This unit comes with the original Safety-Strap® restraint which is manufactured with a break resistant buckle. Meets ADA Accessibility Guidelines when applicable and when installed to the manufacture's specifications.

Diaper Changing Station

Due to the sleek, vertical design we incorporated a large bed size into a compact, space saving bathroom fixture. This versatile unit is ideal for restrooms where space is of concern because the unit is only 22" wide. When not in use, the closed unit is in compliance with ADA 4.4.1. Protruding Objects when installed to the manufacturer's specifications.



Diaper Depot® Safe-Sitter
Child Protection Seat

Diaper Depot Safe-Sitter Child Protection Seat

Child-Protection Seat

Provide your patrons with a safe and secure place for their child while using your washroom/fitting room. This compact unit fits inside the stall or fitting room without compromising space. Head and side support for added protection. Three point harness belt for extra safety.